Should I get a NY EZPass account and a NJ EZPass account?

If you travel through New York and New Jersey toll plazas, it may be worthwhile to get both a New York E-ZPass transponder and New Jersey E-ZPass transponder. Each state only provides discounts on its toll roads/tunnels/bridges if you use that state’s transponder.

For example:
Derek travels from his home in New Jersey to his work in New York City every Monday through Friday. His route takes him on the New Jersey Turnpike (from Exit 11 to Exit 14C) and through the Holland Tunnel into New York City. During weekdays Derek enters the New Jersey Turnpike before 7:00 am and after 6:30 pm. Twice a month, on weekends, he visits family in Long Island, New York.
Here is what he pays depending on the State E-ZPass tag he mounts on his car’s windshield:




As you can see, Derek could have saved substantially on his toll expenses if he used his New York E-ZPass tag on New York toll roads/bridges/tunnels and his New Jersey E-ZPass tag on New Jersey toll roads/bridges/tunnels. If you are not sure, the TollWIz App will calculate your savings and propose a savings strategy that best fits your actual driving habits.