TollWiz provides automatic access
to all your toll information and mileage
tracking. So you can easily get reimbursed, or,
apply for your tax deductions.

Easy Toll

With instant access to all your toll transactions and automated reporting of all your business toll expenses, getting reimbursed has never been easier. Directly send your toll expenses to your T&E Account (e.g., Concur, Certify, Expensify).

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Save on Toll

Let the TollWiz App do the leg work, searching for available toll discount plans that apply to your driving habits.Depending on where and when you drive, you might save 10-15% off of regular toll prices if a discount applies to you.

Generate reports for tax
deductible toll expenses.

With instant access and filtering of information (by each family member’s toll tag), preparing your year-end toll expense tax deduction report has never been easier.

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Convenient Account Access
on Your Smart Phone

No need to ever access your online toll account (e.g., E-ZPass*) again. With TollWiz, all your toll transactions are only a click away.

*TollWiz and iDriveThru are not affiliated with E-ZPass or any other electronic toll-collection system.

Combined Access to Multiple
States’ Toll Accounts

All the information you need is only a click away. Easy access to all your Toll Accounts in all available states.

Currents Supported States:

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

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Trusted Innovative Service

iDriveThru® uses industry security standards to protect your data and keep it private. iDriveThru is the winner of the 2014 RetailNOW Innovative Solution Award.


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