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Are you ready for an EZPass Smart Phone App?

A smart phone App that:
1. Is so easy to see what’s going on in your account that it is fun to use
2. Tells you exactly how much you are charged for tolls

For business people:
1. Makes it infinitely easier to include your tolls in your expense report
2. Automatically calculates your mileage reimbursement or tax deduction (54 cents a mile for 2016)

Would you use an App like this if it existed?

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  • Should I get a NY EZPass account and a NJ EZPass account?

    If you travel through New York and New Jersey toll plazas, it may be worthwhile to get both a New York E-ZPass transponder and New Jersey E-ZPass transponder. Each state only provides discounts on its toll roads/tunnels/bridges if you use that state’s transponder.

    For example:
    Derek travels from his home in New Jersey to his work in New York City every Monday through Friday. His route takes him on the New Jersey Turnpike (from Exit 11 to Exit 14C) and through the Holland Tunnel into New York City. During weekdays Derek enters the New Jersey Turnpike before 7:00 am and after 6:30 pm. Twice a month, on weekends, he visits family in Long Island, New York.
    Here is what he pays depending on the State E-ZPass tag he mounts on his car’s windshield:




    As you can see, Derek could have saved substantially on his toll expenses if he used his New York E-ZPass tag on New York toll roads/bridges/tunnels and his New Jersey E-ZPass tag on New Jersey toll roads/bridges/tunnels. If you are not sure, the TollWIz App will calculate your savings and propose a savings strategy that best fits your actual driving habits.

    Why you should always check your EZPass account balance & transactions

    E-ZPass equipment is not always accurate. To determine the toll amount you have to pay at the toll plaza, E-ZPass uses outdoor electronic devices and sensors to read your E-ZPass transponder, vehicle size (and sometimes weight), number of axles (and sometimes number of tires). These outdoor electronic devices and sensors have their own limitations but are also exposed to the elements year round. Just recently, the following complaint made public on Facebook, at:
    “If you get onto the New Jersey Turnpike on Exit 15X, check your EZ Pass statements. I have been charged the highest toll ($12.30) 15 times because the entry plaza is not registering. I have called three times now to claim a refund and my money has still not been refunded (over $100). I was told my claim was denied, but was not given any explanation. I had to resubmit my claim and wait yet another 7-10 days for a response. In addition to that, they have decided to send me a new tag which I did not ask for and charged me $10 for it. The tag is not the issue. It registers everywhere else except 15X. This is ridiculous. Check your statements!”

    Your EZPass tag may be confiscated by a MTA police officer

    It makes sense to regularly check your EZPass account even, if your account is automatically funded by a pre-set credit card.


    The reason is a “Little Known Fact” – If you do not have sufficient funds associated with your E-ZPass account to pay for a toll, the toll barrier at an MTA bridge or tunnel will not open and a police officer can walk to your vehicle and confiscate your E-ZPass tag.


    To reclaim your toll transponder, you will need to visit the nearest MTA E-ZPass office and replenish your account.


    Please keep in mind that when your account has insufficient funds, it will take 24 hours to update its status after funding your account.