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Do you get the discounted E-ZPass Toll price? Are you sure?

The E-ZPass Group is an association of 37 toll agencies in 16 states. Every toll agency sets its own pricing and discount plans.


NJ E-ZPass offers discount plans only to customers of the NJ E-ZPass program (i.e., customers having a NJ E-Z Pass tag). Customers of E-ZPass® New York, don’t receive discounts for using NJ toll roads. They pay the same toll rates as cash paying customers.


The same is true for the NY MTA bridges and tunnels. Only customers of E-ZPass® New York receive the E-ZPass discount at the NY MTA bridges and tunnels.


For example, when you cross the Verrazano-Narrows bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island you will pay the cash rate of $16 if you have an E-ZPass tag from a state other than New York. Only E-ZPass® New York tag holders receive the discounted toll price of $11.08.


On the other hand, when you drive the Pennsylvania toll roads, all 16 participating E-ZPass states’ tag holders receive the E-ZPass discounted toll prices.


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