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TollWiz Automatically Log Your Tolls So you can easily Expense or Deduct Your Toll Road Expenses

Our Story

This idea originally sparked back in 2012 while traveling on a family vacation. My 8 year old daughter could not understand why on our third morning at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, we are still strangers! No one knew us, what we like to eat from the menu, and how we pay, so we could already be on our way to our day's adventures.


When reviewing new available technologies at toll plazas, we thought it would be great to bring the same convenience to drive-thru customers. For instance, if qualify, you could receive discounts and pay without stopping or reaching for your wallet. With the iDriveThru technology, the drive-thru team is ready to serve the customer, with what s/he likes, how they pay and if they qualify for discounts before the customer rolls down the window at the speaker post.

Today, TollWiz technology brings the same friendliness, speed and clarity to customer toll accounts. Seeing how difficult it is to understand your toll bill, fees, the maze of available discounts and rules, getting reimbursement from employer or logging transactions for tax deduction, when applicable - it was clear there was gap to help customers.

With TollWiz all your toll expenses and information are a click away! Creating a log for reimbursement or tax deduction occurs automatically and the App will keep you informed of available toll discount plans that pertain to your travel habits. The App will save you time, money, and clear the fog surrounding information from the myriad of toll-agencies. As each state individually sets up and enforces its own toll collection policies and rules.

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