Easy Toll Reimbursement

Effortlessly Report transactions for reimbursement (compatible to CONCUR)

Save on Toll Fees

Facilitate setting up your account to get 10-15% discount off regular toll prices. Depending on your actual tolls data

Helpful in Filing Tax Deductions

Full Year Reports for Business Commute Expenses

What our Customers say



One of the greatest resources is time. With TollWiz App, I submit my driving expenses for reimbursement in no-time



I immediately saw the value in iDriveThru because it saves customers both time and money and I was deeply impressed by their technology and know how. They not only have a great idea, but they have what it takes to make it work. This looks like the start of something big

Aikido marshal arts instructor


Everything I need to account for my monthly driving expenses, mileage and tolls, in an easy to get report. No complicated forms to fill out. Easy to use. I love this app.
p.s. The $300 in annual tolls savings, based on my last year tolls payments, that the App found, was a nice bonus.


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A smart phone App that:
1. Is so easy to see what’s going on in your account that it is fun to use
2. Tells you exactly how much you are charged for tolls

For business people:

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